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White kitchen cabinets

At Foxcraft we love to partner with architects, designers, and contractors on their design and build projects.

What is your preference? We can work directly with your client as kitchen designer, or we can support the architect, kitchen or interior designer, or decorator. When working as a supporter for another designer, we defer to them and make them look good with the client.

We strive to understand what you are looking for us to bring to the partnership, and offer our design experience in those areas as we work to jointly accomplish your end goal.

Let us know how you want to work with us and we’ll make it easy. Overview of our process:

  1. Meet with you and/or client to understand design intents.
  2. Provide detailed shop drawings.
  3. Take field dimensions for verification.
  4. Craft your client’s fine cabinets.
  5. White glove installation and cheers all around!

High-end cabinets should have high-end satisfaction. Agreed?

You’re happy because the project was completed smoothly on schedule. You’re happy because your client is happy and won’t be calling you back with complaints.

Your clients are happy because their space is uniquely theirs and uniquely beautiful. The cabinets, of course, not only look great, they feel great—they are great! Guaranteed.

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    As an interior decorator, Foxcraft far exceeds my expectations project after project. I recommend Arlin and staff frequently because the end result is always amazing! Cabinet style, color, and finish are wide in range- everything from traditional to trend forward and contemporary. Not only are Foxcraft Cabinets beautiful and lasting, they function with ease. Foxcraft is in a league of their own!

    Sharon McKenzie